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                Product List
              + Auxiliary part
              - UV absorber?
              - Antioxidant
              - Photoinitiator
              + LED-Curing Wood Coat
              + Pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediates

              Jingmen Ruian Chemical Co.,Ltd.

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              -Pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediates Now Position:Home - Pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediates
              Benzotrichloride  98-07-7
              P-toluene sulfonyl chloride ;TsCl
              P-toluene sulfonyl chloride ;TsCl   98-59-9
              p-Toluenesulfonamide;PTSA  70-55-3
              Methyl p-tolyl sulfone
              Methyl p-tolyl sulfone  3185-99-7
              Sodium Hypochlorite;Antiformin
              Sodium Hypochlorite;Antiformin  7681-52-9
              Aluminum Chlori
              Aluminum Chlori  7446-70-0
              Phosphorus Trichloride
              Phosphorus Trichloride  7719-12-2
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                Add:No. 40, 15th Street,  Fengming Lake, Country Garden Phase 1 , Duodao District, Jingmen City, Hubei Province,China  

              Contact: Tel:+86-724-8689966 Fax:+86-724-8688966   E_mail: yann@ruianchem.com / richard@ruianchem.com

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