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              Antioxidants can greatly increase the use value of plastic products 當前位置:站內首頁 - Antioxidants can greatly increase the use value of plastic products


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              Antioxidants can greatly increase the use value of plastic products
              Antioxidants are added to plastic resin, effectively suppress or reduce the thermal oxidation rate of plastic molecules, delaying the plastic resin, heat and oxygen degradation process, significantly improve the heat resistance of plastic resin, prolong the service life of plastic products, plastic products to improve the use value of plastic additives.
              With the rapid development of plastic industry, especially the continuous development and application of various new functional plastics, the global antioxidant industry is developing toward specialization, serialization, recombination, high efficiency and green. In the future, we must understand the current trend of antioxidant development, and vigorously develop antioxidant products suitable for the development of the plastics industry.
              Antioxidants are the most widely used additives in plastics. One of the most widely used content is the application of antioxidants in various stages of polymerization, synthesis, granulation, storage, processing, utilization and recycling of plastics. The most widely used content two, refers to the various types of plastic materials with different molecular structure has emerged in the world today, such as polyethylene, polypropylene, styrene polymer, engineering plastics, plastic and other materials, application of antioxidants most types of plastic materials.
              Different types of main and auxiliary antioxidants, or the same type of different molecular structure of antioxidant, role function and application effect are different, commonly used plastic antioxidants according to molecular structure and role mechanism is generally divided into five categories: hindered phenols, phosphite, thio, compound and hindered amine.
              Phosphite antioxidant and sulfur antioxidant are auxiliary antioxidants. The main mechanism of the auxiliary antioxidant is to decompose the high activity hydroperoxide in the plastic into low active molecules. Domestic phosphite antioxidant production consumption accounts for about 30% of the total domestic antioxidant production and consumption. The sulfur containing antioxidant produced in China can be divided into three groups: thio ester, antioxidant, thio dithiocarbamate antioxidant and thioether type phenol.
              Composite antioxidant consists of two or more than two kinds of different types or different varieties of the same type of antioxidant compound formed in a plastic material can complement each other, show a synergistic effect, with the minimum amount, the minimum cost to achieve the best effect of thermal oxidative aging. Synergy refers to the use of two or more than two additives. The effect is greater than the additive effect used by each additive alone, that is, 1+1>2.
              Preliminary research and development and production of antioxidant presents the development from the general product series to the general and special combination of direction; composite antioxidants increasingly by production enterprises; the series development of the main production enterprises tend to antioxidants and other plastic additives. Some enterprises began to support raw materials, intermediates, production, forming the upper and lower integrated production and management model.
              In recent years, not only the domestic production capacity and output growth, new product development, technological progress and structural adjustment, also made some progress, a special type of antioxidant, such as liquid nitrogen containing hindered phenol 1135, 3114, 1098 half hindered phenol, hindered phenolic antioxidant 245 products have a stable production capacity and yield; and the hindered phenolic antioxidant intermediate synthesis using tin catalyst technology, reduce the content of heavy metals in tin phenolic antioxidants, meet the foreign environmental protection requirements; the main production enterprises of phosphite antioxidant 168 hydrolysis stability test for more than 48 hours, reached the international advanced level.
              The future, with the rapid development of the plastics industry, especially the development and application of various kinds of new functional plastics, the global antioxidant industry is towards high molecular weight, composite, environmental protection, hydrolysis resistance, high temperature resistance, multi-functional direction. From the current domestic production situation, only from the data analysis, basically able to meet the needs of the future of the country.
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